Silk Benefits

Les bienfaits de la soie pour la peau et les cheveux avec un oreiller et un masque de nuit


We only use peace silk , non-cruel and natural, certified organic GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

This silk is woven by hand and dyed using essences from the offerings of flowers to the temples.

No chemicals therefore get between our products and your skin.

Silk, a natural anti-wrinkle agent

Silk is rich in the amino acids, alanine, glycine and serine, which stimulate the production of collagen, increasing the elasticity of the epidermis, preventing sleep folds and preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Femme portant un masque de nuit en soie dans les cheveux

Silk vs. satin

Silk is a natural fiber , while satin is a type of weave of fibers like cotton, viscose, etc.

Silk offers us multiple beneficial properties thanks to its natural proteins while satin only offers an aesthetic benefit (similar to silk) without any particular benefits for the skin or hair.

Take care of your hair with silk

Silk protein is an excellent ally for healthy hair because it stimulates keratin production, prevents breakage, split ends and tangles, and adds softness and shine.
It also combats hair loss and frizz caused by dehydrated hair.

Femme dormant sur une taie d'oreiller en soie et portant un masque de nuit en soie de couleur assortie

Better sleep thanks to silk

Silk improves sleep thanks to its ability to regulate body temperature, providing a feeling of comfort and freshness throughout the night. Its soft texture creates a soothing environment for a more restful and pleasant sleep.

For men too

The advantages of silk are unisex! Silk is therefore ideal for skin irritated by shaving or acne-prone.
The natural hydration of silk and its keratin delays hair loss and provides natural care after hair implants.

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