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What if climate change was reversible? Well, we would like to believe it because we dream of being part of this challenge and reversing the trends. Our eco-conscious philosophy extends beyond the development and production process to packaging and shipping, as we try to practice what we preach. Some fabrics remaining from the manufacture of our textiles are used to design Nimboo bags or our small gifts. The rest is distributed to the most disadvantaged members of the community and reused in various ways. For us, responsible consumption goes beyond Nimboo, it's our way of life. We believe that the world is not guided by utopian ideas but by a sum of concrete actions, big and small. Barnita, the mastermind of our creative thinking has completely stopped using single-use plastic in his daily life like plastic bottles. Ayan from our production team decided to go vegetarian because meat is the most inefficient source of protein. Smriti thinks she could avoid having children to help avoid depleting the planet's resources in an ever-growing population, especially in Asia. From the small things to the most drastic, the important thing is to ask the right questions about its impact and to try to reduce it, whether gradually or through difficult choices.

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