• Gros plan sur un cocon de soie naturelle

Peace silk is made from natural protein fibers produced by silkworm larvae. Drawing from the deep Vedic tradition of "Ahimsa" which means non-violence, the material is treated without killing the silkworm.

In the traditional silk-making process, Bombyx Mori silkworm larvae are killed by scalding. In the case of making peace silk, the larvae are allowed to complete their life cycle and they turn into moths. The cocoon being pierced, it is not necessary to kill the chrysalis to recover the silk. Silkworms can crawl out of their cocoon without breaking it. The extraction of the silk threads is then easier for the craftsmen.

“Ahimsa” silk is 100% natural & organic, and developed under the best conditions. Each stage of the production chain from the fiber to the final product is controlled by the European “GOTS” certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard).