Why are silk pillowcases anti-acne and anti-wrinkle?

Femme riant et se cachant derrière un oreiller en soie

Do you know that silk pillowcases hide fabulous cosmetic properties ? Acne, wrinkles, eczema or psoriasis, they take care of your epidermis and can help you recover healthy skin. We explain to you.


#1 Are silk pillowcases better for the skin?


More than 90% of pillowcases on the market are made from industrial cotton or a blend of cotton and artificial textiles, such as viscose. Silk is a protein fiber produced by the silkworm to form its cocoon. As a result, it has many beneficial properties intended to ensure a healthy environment, conducive to the development of the butterfly.


Among its benefits, silk is hypoallergenic and hydroprotective . It avoids friction and preserves the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis thanks to its slightly hydrophilic constitution which lets the skin breathe . The silk pillowcase also prevents bacteria from proliferating thanks to antibacterial agents found naturally in its filaments.


#2 Can my pillowcase cause pimples or irritation?


The textile industry uses artificial fibers, chemical dyes and fixatives that attack your skin on a daily basis. During the day, your skin is subjected to stress, pollution, perspiration or make-up and needs a peaceful and healthy night to release its toxins and regenerate its cells .


Cotton is also a very absorbent material that dries your skin. By interfering with its natural hydration cycle, it stimulates sebum production. This process, coupled with a lack of oxygenation, is the perfect combo for blackhead formation . The irritation caused by friction and the drying of the epidermis also play a role in the appearance of certain skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis or the formation of scabs . It is also recommended for people suffering from rosacea .


#3 A silk pillowcase, a natural anti-wrinkle?


Known for millennia for its cosmetic properties on the skin and hair, silk is rich in amino acids , alanine , glycine and serine , which stimulate the production of collagen. It thus increases the elasticity of the epidermis, avoids sleep folds and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.


Silk proteins also participate in the formation of keratin in the skin, which allows it better impermeability and helps protect against UV rays.


Woman hugging a silk pillow, and wearing a silk sleeping mask in her hair
Anti-wrinkle silk pillowcase
, Nimboo collections


#4 How to choose an anti-acne silk pillowcase?


The purest is always the best. Your body is attacked on a daily basis by numerous chemical agents present in the air, water, textiles, food... And silk is unfortunately not spared!


Before choosing your acne-fighting silk pillowcase, make sure it's chemical-free . Silk is usually subjected to harsh dyes and treatments. Sometimes it is even mixed with synthetic fibers to artificially thicken it, reduce the cost of production and therefore increase the margin.


Also beware of satin, which is not always made of silk, but of polyester or cotton. Along the same lines, avoid artificial silk, also called rayon or viscose.


The best is to turn to craftsmanship. Eco-responsible handmade will always be superior in quality and purity to industrial production. At Nimboo, we use pure, organic silk certified GOTS and “cruelty free”, dyed with leaves and flowers recovered from offerings to Hindu temples. An envelope that respects your body and your senses.


Silk pillowcases, blue and pink
Anti-acne silk pillowcase
, Nimboo collection


#5 How to choose an anti-wrinkle silk pillowcase?


Most sericultures administer antibiotics and feed the silkworms pesticide-treated mulberry leaves. Raw silk is therefore already polluted, even before moving on to the spinning, weaving and dyeing stage. Results: his silk proteins are altered.


Silk of peace , the “silk peace”, is a fabulous textile produced exclusively in ecological silk factories maintained by artisans in India. Worked by hand according to ancestral methods, the silk of peace is then dyed with organic dyes made by us. Hibiscus, indigo, coconut or marigold, medicinal plants known since Antiquity, reinforce the natural virtues of the silk we use in our collections.


Our silk pillowcases thus have powerful anti-wrinkle and softening properties. They protect the hydration of your epidermis, reinforce the production of collagen and keratin, accelerate cell renewal and prevent folds and irritation.


The silk pillowcases of peace are allies of choice for restful and regenerating nights . Antifungal, hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory, hydroprotective and antibacterial, they avoid friction, calm sensitive skin and prevent the effects of time. You can complete them with our sleep masks , for cocooning and rejuvenating nights, summer and winter alike.

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