What are the benefits of silk on the body and health?

Femme portant un kimono long orangé en soie biologique

Silk accessories are timeless pieces, present in the collections of the biggest clothing brands. A true beauty ally, silk is also a protective material and a remedy for many ailments , which has earned it unparalleled covetousness for centuries. Because the benefits of silk on health are innumerable: hypoallergenic, hydroprotective, anti-mite, antifungal, thermoregulatory... Natural silk is a material with a thousand virtues at the origin of one of the oldest commercial networks between Asia and Europe. West.

Nimboo, as an ethical and eco-responsible brand, creates ecological silks , hand-dyed with organic dyes made from flowers and fruits. A mix of Indian know-how, Japanese inspiration and French elegance that pays homage to the best of nature and takes care of your health.

Scrunchies, scarves, kimonos, night masks or pillowcases, discover in our article the benefits of peace silk transformed into exceptional pieces by our talented craftswomen.

The benefits of silk on the body

Silk is a soft and silky material known since antiquity for its many beneficial properties. A precious and natural textile, it is also a beauty accessory that takes care of your skin and your hair.

Benefits of silk on the skin

Silk caress on the face
Silk protein and its benefits on the skin

Discovered between 2,000 and 3,000 years before our era, silk is a natural protein fiber produced in particular by the silkworm to form its cocoon. Silk proteins are rich in amino acids , alanine, glycine and serine. Easily absorbed by the skin, silk proteins stimulate the formation of collagen and increase the elasticity of the epidermis. It is also a non-absorbent material which is recommended for dry skin, as it preserves the hydrolipidic film and promotes the production of keratin. It thus helps to restore the impermeability of the skin and to better protect against UV rays.

The benefits of the silk pillowcase are therefore numerous, in particular its smoothing effect. Its proteins and essential amino acids accelerate the regeneration of skin cells and fight against the appearance of wrinkles . It thus avoids the folds of sleep and gives a fresh and rested complexion.


Benefits of silk on hair

Hair protection by set of pillowcase and silk night mask
The benefits of silk protein for hair


The benefits of silk protein are also notable on the hair and many cosmetic brands are touting its merits to promote their products. But applying pure silk , in direct contact with the hair, has been a well-known beauty recipe for women in Asia, especially India and China, for millennia.

By stimulating the production of keratin and preserving an optimal level of hydration , silk gives your hair softness and shine, prevents breakage, knots and redraws curls. Silk scrunchies or silk scarf scrunchies are accessories recommended for their elegance, but also for their protective and restorative properties. Anti-breakage, anti-fall and anti-frizz, scrunchies and scrunchies made of eco-friendly silk are timeless fashion accessories, perfect for all hair types.

Silk pillowcases will be ideal for avoiding split ends and reducing hair loss during the night. Silk brings softness to the hair, avoids friction, protects, nourishes and reinforces the effectiveness of your hair care.

Yellow silk chouchou

The silk scarf darling, the ally of curly hair


The health benefits of silk

Naturally raised in eco-responsible and cruelty-free sericulture, our silkworms produce natural silk free of any chemical agent.

Thermoregulatory properties

Silk thread is made up of highly resistant microscopic filaments wound together. The silk that comes from our workshops is produced by hand and only with silk threads from our partner sericulture. It does not contain viscose, nylon, polyester, pesticides, or any other material likely to damage its natural properties.


As a result, Nimboo silk has an incredible thermoregulatory capacity, it preserves body temperature in summer and winter and lets the skin breathe freely.

Hypoallergenic and healing characteristics

Silk protein provides many benefits for even the most sensitive and atopic-prone skin. Hypoallergenic , antimicrobial and anti-mite , the silk prevents the proliferation of fungi and molds that could hinder the natural development of the caterpillar in its cocoon. Applying silk to the face or body helps to protect against many allergies or irritations and calms the itching associated with eczema or psoriasis.

Respiratory well-being

Unlike cotton, silk does not provide a breeding ground for dust mites. Silk pillowcases are therefore suitable for people with asthma or breathing difficulties. Antifungal and not very hydrophilic , silk contributes to respiratory well-being and helps to maintain an optimal quality of sleep.


Nimboo, creator of artisanal and eco-responsible silks

Silk kimono over black dress

Silk kimono over black dress


The oldest traces of silk factories, found in the Indus Valley and in China, date back more than 5,000 years. The work of silk is an ancient and meticulous know-how transmitted for generations by craftsmen from rural communities. Convinced that ethical and eco-responsible fashion is possible, we at Nimboo wanted to extend the Indian tradition of silk weaving to unique and contemporary collections.

The 43 craftswomen behind all our pieces come from lower castes in India who share our values ​​and our commitment to the planet. The Ahimsa silk that we use, also called “ peace silk ” or “ peace silk ”, is made by women from the Assam region using ancestral Jainist methods. Unlike traditional breeding, which kills the silkworm in its cocoon, this technique involves incising the cocoon to extract the chrysalis. It ends its development naturally and is then released into the wild.

Spun and woven by hand, our silk is dyed with natural dyes that we produce ourselves with the flowers and fruits thrown around Hindu temples. No chemical dye or fixative damages the quality of the material. The benefits of our silk therefore also apply to all the players in our development circuit, who receive a fair salary and work in dignified conditions. Kimonos, scarves, scrunchies, sleeping masks or pillowcases, our pieces will all find their place in an ethical dressing room, respectful of people and the planet.

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