Why sleep with a silk sleeping mask?

Femme portant un masque de nuit en soie dans ses cheveux

Silk night mask: what benefits for the skin?


Soft, shiny and light, the silk night mask is the ally of calm and restful nights. Suitable for all skin types, whether young, mature or stressed, it benefits from natural properties that make it an accessory of choice to offer or adopt.

#1 Why sleep with a silk mask?

Silk is an ancestral material that has never ceased to attract all desires since its discovery, whether aesthetic or cosmetic. Made by Bombyx mori, a butterfly native to Asia, silk provides the pupa with a protective developmental environment rich in silk protein .


The benefits of this natural protein, made up of amino acids , on the skin and hair have long been known. Alanine, glycine and serine have a stimulating effect on the production of collagen and keratin . Sleeping with a silk night mask is therefore recommended to restore suppleness to the epidermis and take care of atopic-prone skin .


The silk night mask is also indicated for moisturizing, smoothing, strengthening the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, avoiding sleep folds and dark circles . Hypoallergenic, the silk mask does not irritate the skin and prevents inflammation.

#2 The silk night mask, a natural anti-wrinkle


Collagen is secreted by connective tissue cells, one third of which is composed of glycine. It is an animal protein essential for skin healing and tissue regeneration. Stressed, poorly oxygenated or mature skin naturally produces less collagen and over time will present a more pronounced appearance with the appearance of expression lines.


The silk night mask participates in the formation of keratin present in the skin and appendages (hair and hair) and stimulates the production of collagen . Worn regularly, it will have the effect of increasing the elasticity of the epidermis, preventing tissue dehydration and helping to protect the skin from UV rays. The silk night mask is thus a natural anti-wrinkle agent particularly indicated for fragile and dry skin.


Silk mask in a woman's hair
Silk sleep mask, Nimboo collection

#3 The silk night mask helps with skin problems

By avoiding friction with the pillow or blanket, the silk night mask also takes care of allergic and inflammation-prone skin such as acne , eczema or psoriasis .


Thanks to its low hydrophilicity, silk preserves the natural hydrolipidic film of the epidermis and allows the skin to breathe , which prevents the formation of comedones. Antibacterial and antifungal, it promotes restful sleep and boosts the cell regeneration cycle, making it ideal for stress-related skin conditions .

#4 What is the best silk sleeping mask for the skin?

Sleeping masks made of mulberry silk are silkier than those made of wild silk and thus guarantee optimal sleeping comfort. Also, be aware that satin sleep masks are not necessarily made of silk. The most economical products are most often made of polyester or viscose, artificial materials that are not very respectful of your skin.


We recommend choosing night masks made of organic materials and free of any chemical agent. Natural cotton and linen can be good alternatives, but these fabrics tend to dry out the skin and promote sebum production if they come from industrial circuits. Their texture, once treated, is not very suitable for the eye contour, which is an area where the skin is thin and sensitive. For a quality product, favor eco-responsible craftsmanship.


The best sleeping mask should take care of your body, but also the planet. At Nimboo, our sleep masks are made from organic mulberry silk sourced from eco-responsible sericulture in India. This high quality silk comes from a centuries-old local tradition that does not kill the animal as required by industrial silk factories.


Washed with organic soap, the “ silk peace ” is then spun and woven by hand, then dyed using vegetable dyes made with fruits and flowers from Hindu temples. Respectful of your skin, our pure mulberry silk night masks are also responsible and ethical. They are based on a low-carbon circular economy that fights against the precariousness of women in India.

Silk mask for soft night
Mulberry Silk Night Mask, Nimboo Collection


Our night accessories, consisting of silk pillowcases and organic silk night masks , are unique pieces marked by the imprint of nature and of great finesse. Good for the hair, for the skin and for the respiratory tract, they bring a case of softness and comfort to your nights.

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