Silk of peace. Ethics. Timeless.

Papillon et soie

This collection pays homage to the humble silkworm. These everyday pieces, crafted in incredibly soft peace silk, celebrate the human side of silk production - no silkworms were harmed in the creation of this collection.

Balls of silk threads

One of the world's most luxurious textiles, coveted for millennia and named for the worldwide trade route in its honor, is created from the protein secretions of the silkworm. The beauty of peace silk, on the other hand, lies not only in the fact that the moth can hatch before the cocoon is harvested, but also in the texture and drape of this fabric with its shorter fiber and with a delicate touch. We love it - after a few uses it feels like a second skin.

worker weaving silk
Silk dye with flowers

Refined in silhouette and color palette and timeless in style, these pieces are designed for comfort and movement through the seasons, beyond trends.

Harvested, spun, dyed and woven in northeast India, then naturally dyed and sewn by Nimboo's team of female artisans in Mumbai.

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