Eco-friendly pillow: a choice that respects the body and the planet

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Ensuring optimal quality of sleep is essential to combat stress and strengthen your immune system. Choosing an ecological pillow is therefore wise to take care of your body while adopting responsible consumption. But what are the benefits of an organic pillow and how to choose a suitable ecological pillowcase? Discover our tips in this article.

Why choose an ecological pillow?

The benefits of ecological pillows are numerous, both for our organism and for the respect of the environment.

The ecological pillow takes care of your health

During the night, and especially in winter, our body needs to rest in a peaceful and comfortable environment to strengthen its immune system . The pillow therefore plays a central role in the quality of your sleep, both in terms of contact with the skin and respiratory well-being.

Opting for an ecological pillow is therefore essential to offer your body a healthy material, devoid of pesticides, chemical dyes or artificial fixatives. The choice of your pillowcase is just as important, in order to preserve the benefits of your organic pillow. It must help your skin to regenerate while maintaining hypoallergenic properties that will ensure your metabolism optimal oxygenation .

The organic pillow preserves the ecosystem

We have never been more sensitive to our environmental impact than in the times we are living through. However, most of our everyday objects still come from industrial production circuits that exploit our natural resources on a large scale.

Adopting a more responsible consumption is however possible and allows not only to be in agreement with its values ​​but also to support committed brands. The ecological pillow, like its pillowcase, is one of these alternatives to favor to reduce its carbon footprint and preserve biodiversity. At Nimboo, we ensure that our organic pillow covers follow a production cycle in harmony with nature .

Which pillowcase to choose for your ecological pillow?

More than 90% of pillow covers are made of industrial cotton, often mixed with viscose, a chemical material made of wood and soda. This type of cover requires 2,000 liters of water to grow the cotton and several chemical treatments for bleaching, printing and color fixing.

In order not to alter the quality of your ecological pillow, choose a natural cover, in silk or linen, which has many benefits .

The natural pillow with organic silk cover

Silk is an ideal option to cover your organic pillows with a 100% natural material that respects your health. Thanks to its hypoallergenic characteristics , silk preserves the quality of your sleep by preventing the proliferation of dust mites, fungi and molds. Silk pillowcases are therefore suitable for people with asthma or breathing difficulties.

Protecting your ecological pillows with an organic silk cover is also beneficial for your skin and hair , as it has natural hydroprotective properties. In addition, its proteins and essential amino acids accelerate the regeneration of skin cells and fight against the effects of aging. It thus avoids the creases of sleep and gives a fresh and rested complexion, which makes it an ideal linen for your natural pillows.

Finally, ecological silk is an excellent temperature regulator and soothes skin irritations. It is therefore recommended to improve the quality of sleep of people subject to stress . To enjoy a calm and regenerating night, you can even use it with our silk sleep masks .


ecological pillow
Eco-friendly silk pillow from Nimboo

The ecological pillow and its organic linen cover

Organic linen is a textile appreciated for its flexibility and its thermoregulatory effect. Thicker than silk, its fiber is also more resistant than cotton, does not fluff and does not deform. Thus, linen will find its place both in bedrooms, to protect your natural pillows, and on a sofa to decorate your cushions.

Durable and absorbent, linen is recommended during wet, hot or cold seasons, as it dries very quickly and has antifungal and antibacterial qualities. It is a healthy and relaxing tissue ideal for sensitive skin .

Nimboo, the ethical and ecological choice for your pillows

Nimboo is committed to building a responsible manufacturing circuit that relies exclusively on the value and respect of all its stakeholders.

An eco-responsible life cycle

The textiles and clothing in our catalog have a low water and carbon footprint and do not contain any pesticides or chemical agents. Our dyes are made from flowers thrown around Hindu temples, harvested and then processed by artisanal cooperatives.

The silk, linen and cotton used come from organic farming and have the GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard) which guarantees an ecological and socially responsible production method . We do not use heavy metals, chlorine or petroleum ingredients. All of our products are fully biodegradable and we donate 1% of sales to the environment.

A fair remuneration

We work with communities of local artisans, respecting their traditions and know-how and adopting a circular economy model . Our employees are thus remunerated at their fair value and we are working to recognize their skills.

A commitment to women

Partners of fair trade organizations that fight against the precariousness of women in India, such as Sasha or Women Weave, we support our craftswomen in their economic emancipation.

A unique creation dedicated to the well-being of all

Designed in France, our products are made with care and dignity in the workshops of our artisans in India. You will find silk or linen pillowcases of different sizes that will bring incomparable softness and comfort to your organic pillows. Arranged on your beds or your armchairs, these pieces of great finesse, made by hand, will add a touch of exoticism and spirituality to your interiors.

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