Silk sleep mask: for soft and regenerating nights

Masque de sommeil en soie : pour des nuits douces et régénérantes

The silk sleep mask is appreciated all year round for its incomparable softness that takes care of your nights. Good for skin and hair, silk is a precious and sought-after textile for the elegance and quality of its material, which adapts to all seasons.
At Nimboo, we've created a collection of handcrafted organic silk sleep masks using the same weaving technique as the beautiful sarees. Ethically and responsibly designed , our Indian silk sleep masks are GOTS certified and dyed with the sacred flowers thrown around Hindu temples. A journey for your senses.

How to choose your silk sleep mask?

Many brands offer natural silk masks, made of real silk, from the silkworm, and not viscose. But while natural silk, rich in silk protein, has many advantages over synthetic silk, that doesn't necessarily mean it's eco-friendly or ethical. Many brands source their supplies from textile suppliers whose environmental and social impact is questionable. At Nimboo, we favor the transparency and quality of our products and have implemented a responsible production circuit based on a circular economy . Our responsible silk sleep masks , like our entire catalog, are respectful of the environment as well as of all the actors in its chain.

The ecological aspect

Made exclusively with organic raw materials , our eco-friendly silk sleep mask also has a very low carbon and water footprint . We select our suppliers carefully, taking into account their cultivation and collection methods.

Our dyes, extracted from the flowers and fruits used during Hindu ceremonies, are fixed without any chemical agent, according to an ancestral coloring method. Hand woven and sewn, our organic silk sleep masks are created with the precious Ahimsa Peace Silk, a centuries-old mulberry silk originating from the Assam region of India.

The ethical aspect

Our partners in India are chosen for the excellence of their know-how , but also because we share common values. Those of recognition of work and respect for nature are part of it. Our ethical silk sleep masks are created in collaboration with rural communities of Jainist influence. Run by women, these organic sericultures have developed a responsible breeding and extraction method that releases the silkworm into the wild without killing it. Our peace silk masks are therefore also vegan silk masks and represent an economic lever for many artisans .

As a committed clothing brand, we want each piece in our catalog to generate a positive social impact. To do this, we align our development goals with those of the United Nations (SDGs). For us, the fight against poverty and the emancipation of women are the main axes of our development. Our silk sleep masks are made with care and in dignified conditions by craftswomen from the lower castes in India. This contribution ensures their independence and strengthens economic activity in rural areas.

Organic silk sleeping mask

Nimboo Silk Sleep Mask

Why wear an organic silk sleep mask?

Our Indian Silk Sleep Masks have multiple benefits for the body as they are completely chemical free or processed. Treated naturally, they are then packaged in compostable packaging which in no way alters the purity of the textile.

Eco-friendly silk sleep mask is good for the skin

Peace silk is an exceptional material, rich in silk proteins , which smooths and hydrates your epidermis. An excellent keratin and collagen stimulator , the organic silk mask promotes eyelash regrowth and prevents wrinkles. As a result, the handmade silk sleep mask is particularly appreciated for regenerating tissues and caring for sensitive or allergic-prone skin.

The organic silk sleeping mask takes care of your nights

Combined with its silk pillow or silk hair square , our handmade silk sleep mask is ideal in summer and winter thanks to its hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory properties . Known for centuries for its beauty effect, the organic silk mask brings softness and comfort to your nights and fights against any type of irritation.

Natural silk sleep mask

Nimboo Silk Sleep Mask

Nimboo, creator of ecological and responsible silk sleep masks

If creating is our job, innovating is our passion! Nimboo, beyond a brand with a positive impact, is an art of living that pays tribute to a magnificent know-how. Looking to the future, we offer organic silk masks that are inspired by a rich cultural heritage and fit into a responsible mode of consumption. Country of silk, but also country of Khadi, India has mastered for centuries this art of exceptional weaving that we wish to highlight in our catalog. Convinced that an ethical, ecological and high-end brand is possible, we offer unique pieces, shaped by nature, in harmony with our convictions. Observe the unique designs formed by the marigold petals and the irregular weft of the fabric. Nimboo silk masks tell you a story that will rock your nights in infinite softness.

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