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The Nimboo silk kimono is part of a range of organic kimonos handcrafted with the precious Ahimsa peace silk certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).
Spun and woven using ancestral techniques originating in India, our silk kimonos for women and men integrate an ethical and eco-responsible manufacturing circuit. The silk behind these pieces comes from ecological and “cruelty free” sericulture and is dyed with organic dyes and natural fixers.
Inspired by traditional Japanese clothing, our kimonos are designed in France, then made by craftswomen specialized in the work of Indian silk. Soft, light and comforting, these high-end silk kimonos are the fruit of acircular economy that supports the independence and recognition of all its players .


The kimono, a traditional dress from Japan


The kimono today designates a traditional Japanese garment in the shape of a T, generally worn for special occasions and of which there is a simplified version called yukata .


The Japanese kimono is traditionally made of silk or linen, the left side over the right side, and has a sash called an obi tied at the back. Over the centuries, its formats have diversified ( uchikake , katabira , hitoe , furisode …), but also its uses. Today, the traditional kimono is worn mostly for ceremonies, while more informal cuts have emerged for more everyday use.


The particularity of the kimono is that it takes little account of the physiognomy, the kimonos for women are distinguished from the kimonos for men essentially by their colors and their patterns.


Nowadays in the West, kimonos are real fashion items : kimono bathrobe, kimono coat, kimono pajamas, kimono jacket, kimono dress, kimono negligee... But most clothing brands are moving further and further away from the traditional kimono in Japanese silk whose quality and elegance make them exceptional items.


At Nimboo, we wanted to pay homage to this heritage from elsewhere by offering silk kimonos of great finesse, nevertheless adapted to the rhythm of modern life.


Long silk kimono for women
Long silk kimono for women, Nimboo collection


The Nimboo silk kimono, the excellence of Indian know-how

The Indus Valley, which gave India its name, is the cradle of a flourishing civilization that has made silk a real know-how passed down from generation to generation. Silk, this precious material from South Asia, has carved out for centuries a veritable economic route between the West and the East. Paradoxically, India today is a country whose labor force is exploited by the textile, garment and fast fashion industry.


Convinced that high-end and responsible fashion is possible, we decided to make our chiffon kimonos in rural communities in India. Our roadmap is directly in line with the sustainable development objectives set by NGOs, including support for marginalized populations.


Our Indian silk kimonos are unique pieces, a mixture of Japanese sobriety, French elegance and Indian craftsmanship. Spun according to the Khadi tradition so dear to Gandhi, our 100% silk kimonos are dyed using flowers and fruits thrown around Hindu temples. These handmade kimonos are therefore unique pieces directly inspired by nature and completely biodegradable.


Reversible silk kimono for men on a beach Silk kimono for men, Nimboo collection

Our collection of silk kimonos for women and men

A symbiosis of traditional Japanese clothing and the magnificent Indian sari, the Indian kimono for women or for men has a unisex cut that makes it an item of choice for all dressing rooms.

Silk jacket kimono

Called haori in Japan, the kimono jacket is a short silk kimono that is worn in summer with a t-shirt, pants or skirt and in winter over a sweater. Silk is indeed a light and comforting thermoregulatory textile appreciated in all seasons. The silk kimono for men is generally worn in the West in the form of a short jacket with sober patterns.


Orange short silk kimono
Short women's silk kimono, Nimboo collection


Our collection of silk kimono jackets has various colors from plants (marigold, indigo, hibiscus, pomegranate, coconut, etc.), some of which are reversible. The application of leaves and flowers directly on the silk offers a poetic and luminous floral print. The short silk kimonos are 78cm long and the long silk kimonos are 107cm, some are made of transparent silk gauze, some are lined.


Gray silk kimono jacket Women's silk kimono jacket, Nimboo collection


Silk robe kimono


The silk kimono robe is a long silk kimono model for women with a V-neck and a small belt. Our creations are inspired by the traditional Japanese silk kimono for women , but they come in a more informal style suitable for everyday use.


The silk kimono for women can be worn indoors and outdoors, most often as a jacket for the cool seasons. Hypoallergenic, without pesticides, chemical dyes or artificial fixatives, our women's kimonos in ethical and eco-responsible silk are suitable for the most delicate skin.


Silk negligee on the beach
Women's silk kimono negligee, Nimboo collection

Nimboo, creator of ecological and ethical silk kimonos


A committed and contemporary brand, Nimboo creates ecological silk kimonos that are rooted in the traditional Indian art of silk weaving. Our silks come from eco-responsible and supportive factories based on a true circular economy.


Silk kimonos for men and women Silk kimono, Paris, Nimboo collection


We also offer GOTS-certified eco-designed linen kimonos and cotton kimonos . Handmade with organic fabrics and recycled materials, our kimonos , like all Nimboo creations, contribute to the economic independence of 43 talented craftswomen.

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