Natural silk scarf: combine ethics and elegance

Foulard en soie bio tenu au vent par une femme devant une fenêtre

The natural silk scarf is a quality product sought after for its softness and the elegance of its material. Light in summer and warm in winter, the silk scarf can be worn at all times of the year and embellishes outfits, from the most modern to the most classic.

At Nimboo, we've created a collection of premium silk scarves, crafted from Ahimsa peace silk and handwoven using age-old Indian craftsmanship. Tied around your neck, as a shawl on your shoulders or in your hair, our ecological silk scarves will bring a personal and sophisticated touch to your wardrobe. This precious and resistant textile certified GOTS comes from an ethical and socially responsible manufacturing circuit.

The Nimboo natural silk scarf, an exceptional product

Our catalog is exclusively composed of scarves and carrés in pure artisanal and ethical silk .

An eco-friendly silk scarf made from Ahimsa Peace Silk

Ahimsa silk is a centuries-old textile originating from the Assam region of India, where the local Jainist culture thrives in harmony with nature. Animal welfare, like respect for its ecosystem, is taken into account throughout the production cycle. The silkworm, gently extracted from its cocoon without killing it, then turns into a moth and is released into the wild.

Hand-spun, our vegan silk scarves are hand-dyed with vegetable dyes developed by the artisans behind these pieces. These natural dyes come from the recycling of flowers and fruits used during ceremonies and thrown around Hindu temples. Our organic silk scarves have a very small carbon and water footprint and are subject to a zero waste policy.

The Indian silk scarf is a thousand-year-old clothing accessory whose manufacturing method, passed down from generation to generation, was elevated to a symbol by Gandhi. Nimboo natural silk scarves are inspired by this exceptional heritage. Our shop, entirely eco-responsible, enhances Indian craftsmanship by offering timeless ecological and ethical silk scarves.

A handmade silk scarf based on a circular economy

Nimboo silk scarves are based on an ecologically and socially responsible production circuit that supports the rural economy and the emancipation of women . Our roadmap is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which aim to protect the planet and reduce social inequalities around the world.

As a result, our ethical silk scarves are the result of an unprecedented collaboration between artisanal cooperatives and eco-responsible suppliers. The sericulture we work with are run by women, as are the majority of our clothing workshops. Spun and woven by craftswomen from low castes, our natural silk scarves are hand dyed with ecological dyes and fixed without any chemical agent.

Organic silk scarf worn by a standing woman

Handmade silk scarf

The 100% silk scarf that takes care of you and the planet

At Nimboo, we are convinced that ethical, ecological and high-end fashion is possible. Our quality silk scarves are part of a virtuous manufacturing process with multiple benefits for you and the environment.

The silk scarf is an excellent temperature regulator

Silk has recognized hypoallergenic properties and prevents the proliferation of dust mites. But it is also a temperature-regulating textile appreciated for its elegant drape which completes your most beautiful outfits, summer and winter alike. Our catalog includes large silk scarves to wear on the shoulders or squares of natural silk, ideal around the neck.

Hair silk scarf strengthens your hair fiber

Beneficial for your skin and your hair, silk has natural hydroprotective qualities known for centuries. Silk protein smoothes, moisturizes and brings shine to your hair thanks to its targeted action on hair keratin. Natural silk squares and silk scarf darlings can be worn day and night as hair accessories and regenerating fabrics. Accompanied by its pillow or its silk night mask , the natural silk scarf will bring softness and comfort to your nights.

The positive impact natural silk scarf

Beyond the garment, the Nimboo Indian silk scarf is a unique initiative. That of a committed brand, respectful of all the players in its production chain. Handcrafted using local know-how, our natural silk scarves pay tribute to independent artisans who perpetuate the art of Indian saree weaving . They benefit from a fair salary, based on a circular economy, and work in dignified conditions in the workshops of our partners.

High-end organic silk scarf worn by a standing woman

Pure silk scarf

Nimboo, creator of peace silk scarves

43 is the number of craftswomen employed to make these magnificent silk scarves for women and men. Observe the unique and irregular weft of its fiber, a sign of an authentic production focused on artistic craftsmanship and sustainability . Nimboo creates high-end pieces, in harmony with Man and his ecosystem, which tell a story and draw a future. A timeless brand, inspired by art, tradition and responsible innovation. Our scarves, like all our collections, are pieces of value and character that will bring a note of exoticism and infinite softness to your wardrobe.

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