How to wear Nimboo kimonos?

Kimono en soie naturelle porté sur top noir et pantalon taille haute

A traditional Japanese item of clothing, the kimono has become a real fashion item in the West, worn for any occasion thanks to its T-cut that hugs every face. Negligee, jacket, dress or bathrobe, the kimono invests feminine and masculine wardrobes, from the most chic to the most creative.


Designed in France and made in India by artisans specializing in silk work , Nimboo kimonos pay homage to this heritage from elsewhere. The silk kimono can be worn indoors or outdoors to elegantly complete your most classic or comfortable outfits. Nimboo explains in this article how and why to integrate the kimono jacket or dress into your daily routine.

Emphasize the glamor of a little black dress

If you like them classic and elegant outfits , then your dressing room surely contains a timeless black dress (or even more!). This distinguished piece is a basic that accompanies you in any season: it is the emblem of chic par excellence. But its sophisticated style can also be terribly trendy with well-chosen accessories.

What if this winter, you swapped your inseparable denim jacket for a magnificent silk kimono? For sure, it will perfectly complement the glamorous style of your pretty dress. The Nimboo kimono wrap top is THE piece you need to spruce up your little black winter dress.

Reversible silk kimono worn over a black dress
Reversible jacket kimono in peace silk , Nimboo collection


Brighten up your monochromatic outfits with elegance

For us, the monochromatic look is definitely the best choice for the winter season. Simple to adopt, it nevertheless allows you to remain elegant in all circumstances, even at home.


The monochrome shades are easy to match and they blend perfectly with the satiny and luminous reflections of our kimono dresses. Black pants and sweater, white jeans and shirt and why not white pants… With a sweater or a cardigan, it's zero fault guaranteed ! You are now ready to face winter.

Zoom on two long kimonos worn on white sweaters

Long silk kimono of peace , Nimboo collection


Give your everyday basics a new look

Some basics can be worn in any season, just combine them to vary the looks and create new sets perfect for winter . Freshen up your favorite outfits by layering an elegant kimono jacket over a soft-toned turtleneck and flowing pants.


Nothing could be more chic than to nuance a classic outfit with an artisanal piece as delicate as the long silk kimono! The softness of natural materials combined with the casual style of your outfit will give a poetic and personal touch to your winter look.

Organic kimono worn over trousers and turtleneck sweater

Silk kimono, Nimboo collection

Give an adornment to your indoor clothes

Do you wear cocooning clothes when you are at home? You would be wrong to do without it! This is why winter is also the favored season for the silk maxi kimono, to give style to your outfits in a snap.


Ideal for dressing up your interior outfits, this magnificent kimono robe, soft and comfortable, gives an inimitable style to your most basic pieces. An essential item to brighten up your outfits and elegantly complete your winter wardrobe.

Organic dhyana kimono worn over yoga outfit

Indoor silk kimono (yoga) , Nimboo collection


Bohemian, sophisticated, romantic or cosy, the silk kimono adapts like a second skin to your everyday moments. Silk, a delicate material whose fiber is nevertheless the most resistant of all textiles, is also thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic. A fabric with a thousand virtues, protective and comforting, which envelops you with the nobility of the purest silks.


Observe the geometric designs formed by the silk threads spun and woven by hand according to the ancestral tradition of khadi. Ethical and eco-responsible, the GOTS-certified Nimboo silk kimono comes from eco-responsible and supportive factories. A poem in your dressing room.

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