How to have a feng shui room?

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Coming from China, feng shui is a philosophy and an ancestral art which is based on the circulation of energies. This discipline still plays a major role today in many interior design concepts, because it promotes the harmony of energies and moods .


Soothing and comforting, feng shui plays a major role in Taoist culture by balancing the vital energies of living spaces . Discover in this article how to have a feng shui bedroom conducive to sleep and calm.


#1 Place your bed in a feng shui position

The position of the bed is probably one of the best known precepts of the art of feng shui. The earth's magnetic field and the openings (doors, windows) influence according to the Taoist culture in the balance of forces according to the principle of Yin and Yang.


It is therefore advisable to place the head of your bed towards the north , preferably against a wall or a high headboard to protect energy and facilitate restful sleep.

#2 Choose feng shui colors for your bedroom

In Feng Shui art, soft colors are in the spotlight such as pastels and luminous hues evocative of Nature. Like the “hygge” style so dear to Scandinavians, sobriety is key. Avoid bright colors and too strong contrasts.

#3 Create a feng shui bedroom with natural materials

Wood, cotton, wool, linen, silk are ideal materials for creating a feng shui bedroom. Whether for the carpet, the curtains and especially for the bed linen, prefer protective and soft materials that come from the animal or vegetable kingdom. These “energy-correcting” materials have an ideal soothing effect for a bedroom.


Silk pillowcase and matching silk sleep mask
Silk pillowcase and sleep mask , Nimboo collections

#4 Avoid too bright lights

Harsh, unfiltered lights have an exciting effect on the brain, which does not promote rest and causes anxiety in a bedroom at night. In the tradition of feng shui, light sources are associated with the Fire element, the intensity of which plays on the mood of the occupants.


To create a feng shui atmosphere in a bedroom, we will therefore prefer lamps made of natural materials and warm bulbs. The roof light is diffused and homogeneous. During the day, it is advisable to circulate as much natural light as possible to let the energies flow.

#5 Perfume your room with natural aromas

Perfumes play an essential role in our daily lives and certain scents promote calm and relaxation. This is the case of lavender, violet, orange blossom, jasmine or rose. A bouquet of fresh or dried flowers, an essential oil diffuser or a few drops of natural essence on your bed linen will invite rest and well-being.


Some incense also has a purifying effect, such as sage or Palo Santo. You can burn them during the day after airing your rooms to let the flow of energies circulate freely.

#6 Organize your bedroom and furniture

A destructured or cluttered living space will have an impact on the vital energy of its occupants by altering the harmony of flows. Visible space (the bed, chests of drawers, shelves), such as the furniture or the dressing room must be ordered.


Prefer wooden furniture with rounded edges, soft and warm, and opt for storage cabinets with doors to hide the elements. To have a feng shui bedroom, it is anyway better to avoid imposing furniture and the accumulation of objects. An airy space favors the harmony of energies .


#7 Remove disturbing objects

Mirrors, like desk-type workspaces or objects related to daily obligations, should be placed in a separate room. Nothing should disturb the preparation of the mind for rest and the evacuation of tensions .


Computers and electronic devices have no place in a feng shui bedroom because they generate too much light and stimulate brain activity. Opt for reading or meditation before bed to reconnect with your inner self, renew your energy and align body and mind before a restful sleep.


Choose feng shui linen and accessories

The bed is the central piece of a feng shui bedroom, it must be comfortable, protective, soft and clean. Choose silky materials, preferably without chemicals, such as silk pillowcases andsilk sleep masks .


Hypoallergenic and anti-mite, silk is also a thermoregulatory material that keeps you warm in winter while remaining light in summer. Good for skin and hair, it promotes tissue regeneration and helps maintain healthy air to ensure optimal oxygenation throughout the night.

Purifying Incense for Feng Shui Bedroom

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