How to rest well in all circumstances?

Bien se reposer grâce aux taies d'oreiller en soie et aux masques de nuits en soie

Rest is essential for mental health and the well-being of the body. At home or on a trip, it is necessary for this to create a welcoming environment, conducive to calm and relaxation .


In this context, light, activities that precede rest and living spaces play an essential role in stimulating the hormones involved in sleep .


Nimboo, an ethical and sustainable brand of peace silk, explains in this article how to rest well in all circumstances.

#1 Avoid strong lights


Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland at the end of the day, when it is stimulated by the drop in light. White lights and powerful lighting therefore have the effect of inhibiting the production of this hormone and slowing the onset of sleep .


It is therefore advisable to favor natural light and soft lighting before rest and to move away electronic equipment that would be a source of light. To rest well , the night mask can also be very useful.


Silk sleep mask for better sleep Peace Silk Sleeping Mask, Nimboo Collection

Soft, hypoallergenic and naturally anti-wrinkle, the silk sleeping mask is perfect for providing the body and mind with optimal comfort. Handmade, these exceptional pieces with poetic reflections will rock your nights with softness and well-being.

#2 Choose soft and hypoallergenic materials


Nightwear plays a major role in the quality of sleep . Thermal and respiratory comfort in particular is closely linked to the type of materials used in your room.


According to feng shui theory, the bedroom is the central place in your home. It must favor natural materials called “energy correctors” such as silk, linen, cotton and wood in order to regulate energy flows.


To rest well , it is also advisable to choose silky and thermoregulating textiles , because the body temperature tends to drop during sleep . Delicate pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers are recommended to create a protective and restorative cocoon.


Silk night set (silk night mask and silk pillowcase) in its gift box
Peace silk night set, Nimboo collection


Skin and hair friendly, rich in amino acids that boost collagen production, Nimboo silk pillowcases are designed for comfort . Dyed using vegetable dyes made by our weavers who specialize in eco-responsible silk, they contain no pesticides, fixers or chemicals.


#3 Sleep in an orderly space


Our house is the receptacle of our emotions and our interior disorders. Without always realizing it, we interact with it. When it is disordered, it returns confused energies which do not offer a favorable context for inner calm .


To arrange a space dedicated to rest , it is advisable to follow the same precepts as to create a feng shui room :


  • do not overload your room with decorative elements;
  • favor soft colors and lights;
  • choose closed furniture to hide the elements;
  • avoid imposing furniture;
  • keep away everything that connects you to your daily concerns;
  • ventilate your rooms regularly;
  • tidy up your resting places to promote the harmony of flows.


An orderly space frees the mind and helps to find a serene and restorative rest .


#4 Disconnect from electronic devices


It is advisable to sleep well to avoid screens, ideally 2 hours before bedtime . Electronic devices, especially cell phones, overload our brains and block the production of melatonin .


Blue light, notifications, addictive behaviors such as infinite scrolling, games and social networks are all stimuli involved in cognitive overload.


To welcome rest , favor calm activities such as reading or listening to soft music.


#5 Perfume your interior with relaxing fragrances

Lavender, violet or orange blossom are natural fragrances particularly recognized in aromatherapy for their actions on stress and anxiety. The essences of mandarin and petit grain bigarade are also recommended for direct breathing or by pouring a few drops on your pillow.


Other scents can also promote meditation , the rest of the mind and the circulation of beneficial energies. This is the case, for example, of Palo Santo or white sage, plants recognized in many cultures for their purifying properties.

#6 Do not do physical activity before rest

Physical exercise increases the production of cortisol, an exciting hormone implicated in the risk of insomnia . To rest well , it is recommended to avoid sports activities several hours before rest, especially when they are intense.


Conversely, a relaxation or meditation session before bed activates the production of endorphin and melatonin, a winning combo for sleeping well .

#7 Eat well


Food is at the heart of many dysfunctions, it is not for nothing that our digestive system is considered our second brain. To predispose the body to rest , it must be helped to maintain a healthy hormonal balance.


For this, eating light is essential so as not to overload digestion and create episodes of nervousness . The proteins found in meats, dairy products, legumes and nuts are good to eat daily because they are rich in 5-HTP , the precursor to serotonin .


Serotonin plays a major role in the production of melatonin , it promotes falling asleep and is essential as a neuromediator of serenity . Likewise, all foods rich in GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) are true allies of quality sleep . You will find them in honey, mushrooms, potatoes and fermented products. GABA is an amino acid that helps relax the body .


For fun, eating two squares of dark chocolate before sleeping is advised. Rich in magnesium and tryptophan , cocoa is an excellent nervous regulator . Jasmine, lavender, passionflower, lemon balm or valerian infusions are natural anxiolytics . They help to let go and fight against mental ruminations.

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