Silk scrunchie: the glamorous accessory that takes care of your hair

Chouchou en soie : l’accessoire glamour qui prend soin de vos cheveux

Timeless and elegant, silk recalls the glamorous look of the great actresses of Hollywood's golden age. The silk scrunchie or the silk scarf scrunchie is indeed an essential accessory to add a touch of chic to your outfits while taking care of your hair.


Rich in silk proteins, the mulberry silk scrunchie has exceptional cosmetic and aesthetic characteristics that make it an ally for fragile or damaged hair. Nimboo, creator of GOTS-certified peace silk scrunchies, explains in this article how and why to adorn your hair with this exceptional hair accessory.

The benefits of the silk scrunchie


Silk is a noble textile that has attracted all kinds of desires for centuries: royal courts, churches, cinema, fashion shows... Silk seduces both for its inimitable luster and for its recognized benefits on the body and hair. But do you know why using a silk scrunchie takes care of your hair fiber? This is due to the unique properties of natural silk, an organic material produced by Bombyx mori in the case of mulberry silk or by the Tussah caterpillar in the case of wild silk.

Silk is a filamentous slime produced by the caterpillar to form its cocoon and ensure its development in a healthy environment. As a result, silk is naturally hypoallergenic, hydroprotective, anti-mite and antifungal. Composed mainly of fibroin, a protein rich in amino acids, silk protects the hydrolipidic film of the skin and reinforces the production of keratin and collagen. It is thus a natural care for the skin and hair.


The natural silk scrunchie is therefore recommended for damaged, dyed or chemically treated hair, but also for curly hair, which is generally drier. They are an ideal alternative to the traditional elastic, not recommended by hairdressers because they break the hair fiber. On the contrary, the silk hair elastic has a powerful moisturizing action which makes it an ideal anti-breakage and anti-frizz substitute, to be worn day or night. It is also preferable to the cotton scrunchie which is too absorbent and tends to dry out the hair.


Overview of the Nimboo organic natural silk scrunchies collection
Silk scrunchies, Nimboo collection

Silk or satin scrunchie, what are the differences?


Silk and satin are often confused, even though they designate two different textiles: silk is a material, satin is a type of weave. Brands are taking advantage of this confusion to boost the perceived value of their pieces, but beware! Artificial silk scrunchies or polyester or nylon satin scrunchies don't have the benefits of natural silk, nor their durability.


Artificial silk scrunchie


The viscose scrunchie is a very popular accessory and a must-have for ready-to-wear brands, because it is an economical and easy-to-make material. Also called rayon, artificial silk appeared in the middle of the 20th century. It is a low-quality textile made from cellulose, a wood pulp that requires sodium sulphate, carbon disulphide and citric acid for its construction.


The synthetic silk scrunchie is thus not only devoid of the natural benefits of mulberry silk, but its manufacture is also extremely polluting. Not very resistant, the artificial silk scrunchie dries out the hair fiber and subjects it to constant friction which damages the hair and promotes breakage.

The satin scrunchie

Satin is a type of weave, also called weave, which reduces the crossing of threads in order to obtain a smoother and more reflective surface. As a result, the satin scrunchie can be made of different materials and exist on the market in several variants:

  • • scrunchie in silk satin;
  • • scrunchie in cotton satin;
  • • scrunchie in linen satin;
  • • scrunchie in polyester satin;
  • • scrunchie in nylon satin;
  • • scrunchie in viscose satin;


The most recognized are the satin scrunchie in silk , cotton, polyester or viscose. Silk and cotton are organic and biodegradable materials in their natural state, polyester and viscose are polluting artificial textiles. For the hair, the silk scrunchie is the most recommended, the cotton scrunchie being more drying. Artificial material accessories represent low-cost alternatives to purchase, but they damage the hair and accelerate hair loss.


The natural silk scrunchie


Wild silk scrunchie and mulberry silk scrunchie are two types of natural silk scrunchies that you may come across in the market. They each come from silkworms of different species. Wild silk on one side is a more affordable, thick, matte silk that has “pimples”. Mulberry silk on the other is an animal fiber that comes from the Bombyx mori, a silkworm raised in sericulture. It is the result of a selection made by man for centuries. Mulberry silk is native to Asia, it is a shimmering fabric that has unparalleled luminosity and softness.

Chouchou-scarf in organic natural silk worn in the wind
Chouchou silk scarf, Nimboo collection


The mulberry silk scrunchie is a high-end accessory sought after for its nourishing and protective qualities. It can be worn during the day, to complete the dress style, or at night to gently style the hair and prevent chafing with the pillow. This hair elastic is the most respectful of the hair fiber, it also exists in a scarf format to style the hair with an elegant knot.

The organic mulberry silk scrunchie from the Nimboo collection


Peace silk is a GOTS certified silk that comes from eco-responsible sericulture present in some remote areas of India. These regions are cradled by a Jainist and Buddhist culture that advocates respect for animals and nature. The silkworm is therefore not suffocated as required by traditional breeding. This is extracted from its cocoon, then released into nature, while its cocoon is cleaned with organic soaps. The silk filaments are then gathered and rolled up to form silk threads which will be woven by hand on a wooden wheel called a “charkha”.


The Nimboo Silk Hair Scrunchie is a scrunchie made from pure mulberry silk dyed with organic dyes. Our dyes are made from fruits and flowers thrown around Hindu temples, in collaboration with Indian rural cooperatives. Our development model is directly aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We have adopted a circular and solidarity economy that supports the emancipation of artisans and the recognition of fair work.


Our eco-friendly silk scrunchies are of premium quality and have remarkable hair benefits. They come from a manufacturing circuit that respects people and the planet, handcrafted using ancestral Indian know-how. Dyed using the Japanese shibori technique, they do not contain any pesticides or chemical treatments and are particularly suitable for people who are sensitive or prone to allergies.


Our 100% silk darlings can be accompanied by a sleep mask in the same material. Silky and hypoallergenic, our night masks, like our silk pillowcases , avoid creases and prevent wrinkles. They will wrap your nights in a protective and comforting material, ideal for ensuring a peaceful and regenerating sleep.
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