Square of silk for hair: the accessory of fashion and ecological beauty

Carré de soie bio pour cheveux

The silk squares for hair are high quality pieces that highlight the face and take care of the hair. Soft, light and protective, silk is a natural cosmetic and an elegant fashion accessory that has survived all eras and complemented the most varied clothing styles.

Unfortunately, most of the silk squares sold in the market are mixed with synthetic materials or polluted with dyes and chemical fixers, which undermines their natural benefits. Convinced that a high-end, ethical and eco-responsible clothing brand is possible, we create exceptional pieces that take care of your body, the planet and society.

Our ecological silk squares for hair are handcrafted, outside of any industrial circuit. We work directly with eco-responsible sericulture and solidarity agricultural cooperatives that perpetuate the know-how of talented Indian artisans.

The silk square for hair is an ancestral natural care

Rich in silk proteins, the silk square for hair is a natural treatment known for centuries for its hydroprotective and regenerating properties. Worn day or night, the silk square stimulates the production of keratin and brings shine to your hair. Its effect on hair regrowth and its softening benefits make it a particularly popular hair accessory that adds a touch of elegance to your outfits.

Organic silk scarf tied on the shoulders

Nimboo natural silk scarf

Tied behind the neck, as a tiara or around the neck, the silk square is a timeless item that protects your hair from pollution and direct contact with your pillows. The silk square on curly hair is particularly suitable for wrapping your hair overnight and avoiding the use of an elastic band which would break your hair fibre.

Our catalog has many silk scarves to fold into a square and silk headbands to wear around the head. Hand-dyed with vegetable dyes, these silk squares for women or for men offer a wide variety of colors.

The silk square, a top-of-the-range stole suitable for all seasons

Antibacterial and hypoallergenic, silk is a temperature-regulating textile appreciated for its sophisticated drape, which makes it a fashion accessory suitable for any time of the year. Light in summer and warm in winter, the silk hair scarf protects from the sun's rays and summer heat as well as from the seaside winds and humidity.

Infinitely soft and timeless, our Indian silk squares integrate the most classic to the most personal wardrobes and are suitable for all occasions. They will transform into a neckerchief as well as a turban or a darling scarf to tie the hair and sublimate it.

Scrunchie-scarf in organic silk on a ponytail
Scrunchie-style silk hair square

The Nimboo ecological silk square, the ethical and eco-responsible choice

Our ecological silk squares are made of peace silk, a high-end material that comes from the Assam region of India. The sericulture at the origin of peace silk are known throughout the world for their “cruelty-free” extraction method which consists of incising the cocoon to remove the chrysalis without killing it. Cradled by a strong Jainist and Buddhist culture, these Ahimsa silk factories are maintained exclusively by women from the community. This meticulous work requires real know-how, transmitted from generation to generation by the artisans of these rural cooperatives.

Washed with organic soap, the silk is then woven and spun on traditional looms that do not require electricity. Our eco-responsible silk scarves are therefore also vegan and ethical, as they are based on a circular economy that supports the independence of artisans. Unlike the majority of luxury silk squares on the market, our silks are all organic and socially responsible. The silk is pure, free of any artificial substance and dyed with fruits and flowers thrown around Hindu temples.

High-end pieces from traditional know-how

The organic silk squares in our shop do not contain any pesticides or chemicals. Their artisanal production is inspired by the ancestral heritage of Indian weaving and the Japanese technique of shibori, which consists of rolling up the square of silk before plunging it into its bath of colour.

Woman spreading a square of natural silk in front of her
Eco-friendly silk square

Designed in France, our eco-responsible silk squares are spun, woven and dyed in the workshops of our partners in India. We work closely with suppliers and organizations that share our eco-responsible convictions and our recognition of skills. The craftswomen behind these pieces work in dignified conditions and receive fair and equitable compensation.

Nimboo silk scarves are made of organic raw materials whose design circuit is controlled from A to Z. Unique and high-end, our silk scarves are timeless and resistant fashion items, adapted to the rhythm of daily life. They will bring an exotic note and incomparable softness to your wardrobe.

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