Silk headband: trendy accessory and hair care

Femme portant un bandeau en soie pour protéger ses cheveux

Timeless, chic and delicate, the silk headband crosses the ages and adapts to all trends. A true fashion accessory, it also takes care of your hair thanks to its composition rich in silk proteins which makes it a powerful natural cosmetic.

The silk headband can be worn in every season, day or night, and is ideal for moisturizing and repairing curly, dry or damaged hair .

Among them, Nimboo hair bands are made of pure silk, eco-friendly and ethical. Woven and dyed by hand, these top quality items will enhance every outfit with the elegance of noble materials.

Silk or satin headband, what are the differences?

Silk headbands are coveted for their finesse and excellent cosmetic properties. Often confused with satin headbands , these two types of accessories are not always made from the same fiber.

The silk headband

The women's silk headband is made of mulberry silk or wild silk, an organic material of animal origin produced by two species of silkworms. Among them, mulberry silk headbands (Bombyx mori) are of higher quality, as the textile used has exceptional luster and softness.

Wild silk headbands, on the other hand, are less common and have a more unique appearance due to the characteristics of Tussah silk. Thick, less soft and reflective, wild silk is indeed used more for making upholstery fabrics. It is an alternative to mulberry silk, less qualitative, but more economical.

However, these silk headbands are rich in amino acids, alanine, glycine and serine, which stimulate the production of keratin and regenerate the hair fiber. They are indicated to protect against pollution, limit breakage, frizz and hair loss.

silk headband for hair
Silk headband for hair, Nimboo collection

It is also recommended to wear the silk hair band at night , in order to avoid friction with the pillow and to rehydrate the hair.

The satin headband

The satin hair band , although sought after, nevertheless covers very different qualities. Satin is indeed not strictly speaking a textile , but a type of weaving which limits the crossing of threads to increase the reflective surface of the fabric.

As a result, satin can be made of silk, but also of cotton, polyester or viscose. It is indeed not uncommon to find satin headbands on the market at a derisory price made from plastic materials.

But if these items imitate the shine of silk, their properties are quite different! Pollutants and treated with chemical dyes, artificial silk satin headbands also have a very limited lifespan.

The benefits of silk hair band

Worn since Antiquity, silk is a precious textile used to make sophisticated clothes. This is produced by a species of silkworm created by man, fed and raised in dedicated sericulture.

silk headband for hair care
Silk headband, Nimboo collection

Over the centuries, mulberry silk factories have multiplied, especially in Asia where the know-how is transmitted from generation to generation. This precious silk holds a prominent place in the luxury clothing industry, but also in the manufacture of body and hair care.

Silk has many benefits for the skin and hair. In particular, it promotes hair regrowth, moisturizes it and brings it softness and shine. The silk headband for curly hair is particularly known for redefining curls and avoiding split ends. It can also style straight hair, nourish dry hair and give damaged hair more shape.

Collection of peace silk hair bands
Mulberry silk hair bands, Nimboo collection

Nimboo eco-responsible silk headbands

An ethical and responsible fashion designer in peace silk , Nimboo is a young brand resolutely turned towards the future. Our collections combine French aesthetics with the exceptional heritage of Indian silk weaving. We work hand in hand with local artisans and agricultural cooperatives who share our values ​​of sustainable development. Built according to a circular economy model, Nimboo supports the economic independence of 43 talented weavers.

Our peace silk headbands are made in collaboration with eco-responsible and cruelty-free silk breeders present in certain remote regions of India. These do not kill the animal to collect the raw silk; they delicately pierce the cocoon just before hatching to release the animal into the wild.

The natural silk is then spun and woven using traditional wooden looms, then dyed with the flowers and fruits used in Hindu ceremonies. Hand sewn, our eco-friendly silk headbands are chemical free. Their high amino acid content makes them a top quality item, ideal for integrating into your dressing room and taking care of your hair naturally .

A gift to offer or to offer yourself to dress every day in harmony with nature.

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