7 gift ideas for an elegant Mother's Day

Fête des mères: robe-kimono de soie au bord de mer

The one who fills our lives with such sweet attentions on a daily basis deserves a Mother's Day gift worthy of her commitment... But what present to choose to give all its meaning to this celebration?


If you are tired of impersonal gifts straight out of big brands, then go back to the authentic. Unique, quality products, handcrafted and revitalized, this is the promise we make in each of our collections.


Nimboo is a committed brand that produces fashion pieces and high-end household linen made by craftswomen with ancestral know-how. Silk kimonos , handmade scarves , hair accessories or even night sets , we create works from noble materials with an incomparable touch.


This year, it's Sunday, June 4 that we will pay tribute to our moms and here are for the occasion 7 ideas for Mother's Day gifts under the sign of elegance.

#1 An elegant silk kimono of peace

The silk kimono is the flagship piece of our catalog, handmade by weavers specializing in Indian silks. Inspired by traditional Japanese clothing and the magnificent Indian sari, the silk kimono is an exceptional piece that can be worn on any occasion.


Short or long, with or without a belt, the incomparable softness and luster of the kimono make it an ideal Mother's Day gift that will elegantly complement all styles of clothing:


  • over a pretty black dress for a sophisticated look;
  • in jacket mode over a sweater or a turtleneck for an urban chic style;
  • at home for a dressy and cocooning outfit.


Find other ideas for wearing Nimboo kimonos in our dedicated article and in our look book .

Mother's Day here with a long silk kimono
Mother's Day gift idea, Nimboo collection


#2 A handcrafted silk scarf

Silk is a material with incomparable thermoregulatory properties. Warm in winter and light in summer, the silk scarf lets the skin breathe while completing each outfit with a very personal touch.


Hand woven , our peace silk scarves are dyed with organic dyes made from the fruits and flowers used in Hindu ceremonies. The Japanese technique of Shibori used for their dyeing deposits on each fabric the delicate imprint of the petals harvested after each offering. A tribute to Nature.

Close-up on the knot of a silk scarf on a white jacket
Mother's Day ethical gift idea, 2023 collection

#3 Glamorous hair accessories

Silk is an exceptional fabric rich in proteins and amino acids which accelerates hair growth and brings shine and softness to the hair fiber .


Scrunchies , scrunchies-scarves or headbands from our collections are unique pieces that highlight the face while taking care of the hair.


Light and refined, they are elegant accessories that span all eras and complement the most varied clothing styles.

#4 A night set full of softness

The silk pillowcase and the silk night mask will compose a night set dedicated to comfort and rest. Hypoallergenic and anti-mite , they are also recognized accessories for their cosmetic characteristics, as they take care of hair and sensitive or atopic skin.


Recommended for people prone to allergies, silk is also recognized for its anti-aging properties , it reduces hair loss and fights against the appearance of wrinkles.


Silk siesta with this sleeper mom in silk kimono, silk pillowcase and matching sleep mask
Mother's Day gift idea, Nimboo collection

#5 Refined table linen

Nimboo linens consist of placemats, table runners and napkins made with hibiscus fibers and organic linen. Hand-painted or hand-dyed, these accessories will complete a bright and refined table decoration. A Mother's Day gift for all moms who like to receive.

Organic linen and cotton bath towel with fruits
Mother's Day gift idea, Nimboo collection

#6 A 100% natural linen tote bag and pouch

The tote bag accompanies every moment of daily life: walks, the market, holidays, outings with friends... Light and resistant, it is created in the workshops of our craftswomen in the Maharashtra region of India and is made of linen GOTS certified organic. You can complete it with a delicate 28 x 19 cm pouch with unique prints left by the plants gathered around the temples.

#7 An upcycled notebook


The notebook has a textile cover made from hand-woven and dyed organic linen and the pages are made from recycled cotton… But there is a surprise hidden at the heart of this unique gift! The middle page, made with basil seeds, can be planted and offers generous edible plants. A poem that doesn't need to be written.


Do you have a question about our collections? Contact us, we will be happy to help you celebrate this moment with a high-end and ethical Mother's Day gift signed Nimboo.

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