5 ethical gifts to take care of your loved ones and the planet

Gros plan sur un tissu teint naturellement

Are you looking for an ethical gift to offer to your loved ones for Christmas or for a birthday? Durable, original and personal, an ethical and responsible gift is a wonderful way to underline your affection while respecting your commitments. But during the holiday season when consumption is on the rise, choosing an ethical gift also means contributing to the future of society .

Even more than objects, Nimboo creates everyday pieces inspired by nature and motivated by a sincere commitment to people and the planet. Handcrafted by artisans in rural communities, our collections support the economic independence and dignity of talented workers. Ethical gifts like no other, filled with history and poetry from elsewhere.

Ethical gift or eco-responsible gift, what are the differences?

Ethical, responsible, united, sustainable, ecological, or eco-friendly… In recent years, a new consumer trend has emerged that is more focused on social and ecological values. But if some committed brands like Nimboo work with a concern for real transparency, many brands exploit the confusion to arouse enthusiasm. A little clarification around two key aspects of committed consumption.

An ethical product: people and the planet

A product from an ethical manufacturing circuit must meet environmental, social and economic criteria . Consuming ethically therefore implies taking into account a wide variety of aspects at each phase of the manufacturing and marketing of a product. An ethical gift will use natural and eco-responsible raw materials and the actors in its chain, workers as well as animals, are treated with dignity and recognition.

Therefore, a handmade gift is not necessarily ethical if it is not based on a circular and solidarity economy. Craftsmen must receive fair remuneration and work in safe conditions, without using products that are harmful to their health.

An ethical gift is generally a quality product intended to last. The idea is to consume less, but better, and to restore value to our objects.

Organge kimono in peace silk, organic and natural
The silk kimono of peace, an ethical and responsible gift

An eco-responsible product: ecological sustainability

Ecology is a real mode of consumption and companies know it, so be careful! Ecological certificates are not lacking and are sometimes levers for greenwashing .

Like ethical consumption, eco-responsible consumption takes into account the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifespan: its manufacture, its use and its end of life. Recycling, upcycling, agriculture without pesticides, but also the impact on water and carbon and biodegradability are all essential aspects of eco-responsibility. Social sustainability is not taken into account here, however, which means that an eco-friendly gift does not necessarily have a positive social impact.

How to choose an ethical gift?

At Nimboo, we believe that it is the duty of companies and not that of citizens to contribute to more responsible consumption. As an ethical brand , we have made it a point of honor to communicate on the origin and manufacturing methods of all our pieces.


Eco-labels or ecological labels are recognized certificates, provided by competent bodies, which are subject to a charter and regular checks. There are many labels depending on the type of product: food, cosmetics, textiles, tourism, etc. Some labels are nevertheless generic, this is the case, for example, of NF Environnement or the European “Flower” eco-label. At Nimboo, our fabrics are certified by the GOTS label which stands for Global Organic Textil Standard. It certifies the ecological origin of the fibres, respect for the environment and for human beings. A real pledge of seriousness if you are looking for an ethical gift for one of your loved ones.

A zero waste policy

Difficult for a fast-fashion brand to respect a zero waste policy! At Nimboo, we navigate against the relentless pace of overconsumption and strive to never throw anything away. Worked with care, our pieces and their packaging are biodegradable, our dyes are non-polluting and we recycle all our fabric scraps. A zero waste gift signed Nimboo is nevertheless the guarantee of a top-of-the-range product made with precious textiles and adapted to each personality.

The water and carbon impact

The clothing and textile industry is very water and energy intensive, whether for cultivating raw materials, for manufacturing fabric and marketing it. Nimboo uses traditional spinning and weaving machines that operate without electricity and has developed a water recovery system for dyeing.

A circular and solidarity economy

A responsible gift must be based on a circular and solidarity economy. It is often the result of traditional know-how and the profits from its sale are distributed equitably among all the actors in the chain. A true committed brand, we have decided to go further by supporting the economic independence of marginalized women from the lower caste in India. Today, 43 artisans are actively part of our project .

5 ethical and responsible gift ideas from the Nimboo brand

Passionate and creative, we are craftsmen convinced that high-end, ethical and ecological fashion is possible. Our roadmap aligns directly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals .

The silk kimono of peace

Our collection of silk kimonos is based on a subtle blend of Indian know-how, Japanese sobriety and French elegance. Peace silk is a precious textile used in all of our silk pieces. Originally from the Assam region of India, peace silk, also called Ahimsa silk, is a cruelty-free fabric grown in eco-responsible sericulture run by women. These silks of great finesse are 100% ethical , because unlike traditional breeding methods which consist of suffocating the silkworm in its cocoon, it is extracted and released into the wild.

Kimonos are real ethical gifts for women or men, whose unisex cut brings an incomparable style to all dressing rooms. Short or long, it can be worn as a jacket, open or with a belt, and also exists as a yukata-style dress.

The ethical and eco-responsible silk scarf

A real ethical organic gift and beauty treatment , the silk scarf is worn on the shoulders, tied around the neck or around the head. Rich in silk proteins, it brings shine to dull hair and hydrates dry hair. The silk scarf is an excellent ethical gift idea for women or men, as it is also a temperature regulator and an accessory that completes the most personal outfits.

The ecological sleep mask and pillow

Hydroprotective and hypoallergenic, the Nimboo silk sleep mask and pillowcase are ideal for guaranteeing a calm and restful night. Silk stimulates collagen, smoothes facial features and softens hair. It is also a material indicated for sensitive skin prone to psoriasis or eczema.

Natural and cruelty free organic silk pillowcase
The silk pillowcase, an ethical gift idea for better sleep

The responsible scarf favorite

The silk scarf scrunchie is an elegant and original hair accessory, which allows you to tie the hair without damaging the hair fiber. Ideal for taking care of the hair, bringing shine and limiting hair loss thanks to its smoothing, moisturizing and delicate effect.

Chouchou-scarf in natural organic silk
Ethical gift idea for women

Nimboo is a brand with a positive impact, which perpetuates the traditional art of Indian silk weaving with unique pieces dyed using sacred flowers thrown near Hindu temples. Our products are the result of a low-carbon circular economy that fights against the precariousness of women in India.

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