Since the launch of our brand, we’ve been taking baby steps towards a more sustainable ethos that’ll help reduce our carbon footprint and aid you in making more conscious consumer choices.

Whilewe’ve done away with plastic bottles in our stores and oce, reduced our consumption of virgin plastic, embraced paperless billing from the get-go and make most stationary from recycled wastework shop cotton pulp. There’s a lot more we need to do to really negate our impact on the environment.

If you’re looking to add a little sustainable flair to your gift presentation, we suggest using FSC brown paper bags (inside out) decorated using various craft items like stamps, paint, or sharpies. Or for an even more organic approach, embellish with actual naturally-derived materials like leaves and branches.

For those too busy or wary of being too crafty, our recycled rice wrapping paper is a great alternative. Our product sleeves and hand tags are made out of 100% recycled workshop cotton waste. And then all packing ribbons get inked in left over indigo vat water. For buyers who care about responsible consumption seriously, there is a basil seeds in a recycled glass bottle with every product. Plant your own basil pot at home and get rid of super market multiple supplies.

And then there are always people on the list who are hard to shop for. Instead of taking the risk of purchasing an unwanted gift, which wastes packaging materials and shipping costs, give a thoughtful Nimboo basil seed thank you card with a handwritten note and a voucher to a service or activity like a massage or the person’s favorite restaurant - something they can experience instead of overspent imposed present.