Linen is one of the earliest products known to civilization. Flax from which linen is made is one of the oldest agricultural plants in the world. Over 5000 years ago the Egyptian named it the “woven moonlight”. Linen is the most ancient vegetable fabric known to man. Flax is the raw material of linen. Today flax is a prestigious, expensive fibre and only produced in small quantities. Linen fabric has a high nature luster and their natural color ranges between shades of ivory, tan or grey. It’s highly absorbent and will remove perspiration from the skin. Perfect for a hot, humid and dry weather. Linen is a natural product the more it is washed the softer and luminous it becomes. Freshly washed linen has a natural fragrance and gives a sense of well being. We Like Ours Rumpled Linen is light, breathable and naturally textured. With time, it becomes even softer to the touch.

Organic Linen: A Global Story

Clean air, clean water and a healthy environment for workers and wildlife.

Globally, less than 1% of linen is organically grown. For clothing companies, this means supplies of organic linen fiber are limited.

We are lucky enough to be able to buy fiber for our Organic Linen from India, but we only source 5% of our organic linen fiber from the EU. The balance, roughly 95%, is grown in India, a major organic linen supplier. We are limiting the amount of countries each product has travelled to, ensuring we minimise our carbon footprint. You can only filter by this when the garment has travelled to a maximum of 2 countries rather than up to 10.

Caring for your Linen

Linen is relatively easy to take care of since it resists dirt and stains. It can be cold machine washed or hand washed. Finished linen products respond to “tender loving care” use pure soap or gentle detergent in soft water when laundering linen. Avoid wringing out linen before drying. To retain whiteness dry in sun. Iron when linen is damp iron on wrong side then right to bring out the sheen.

The beauty of linen lies in its unique quality to CRUSH that gives it its exclusive character and elegance. The natural shine in it gives it that extra touch of glamour

The care label on your Nimboo organic linen will most likely call for cold water hand washing. We also often advise steaming or light pressing to restore garments to pristine condition. But if you meet any of our team at our office, you’ll find they prefer a more relaxed approach. They line dry their linen and happily wear it rumpled, which saves both time and energy. But fundamentally they like the look.