We’re always drawing inspiration from this country. There’s much to inspire in India, and while the term is new, the idea of upcycling is one of these things, a way of using and reusing that is deeply ingrained in the fabric of our culture. Upcycling is essentially the practice of repurposing a used product into a new one; giving it a second life instead of discarding it

The culture of mending, repairing, and reusing has existed in India for generations. We’ve all witnessed mothers and grandmothers using brightly coloured thread, patchwork, and darning (or raffu) to freshen up a well-loved clothing, blankets and upholstery. Hand-me-downs ran from siblings to younger cousins, all while the cloth developed an incredible softness from years of washing, wearing and use.

We took a cue from India’s love for upcycling in the making of our Little Nimboo note books, and we take pride in saying that it’s made entirely of reclaimed fabric. It all starts when we create our collections using the fabric yardage needed to make the magic happen, but once we’re done, there’s a whole lot of leftover fabric that’s still brand new and ready-to-use. We thought there was no better way to put these little pieces of natural dyed fabrics to use than to make notebooks for our Nimboo community. That’s the idea behind Little Nimboo Notebook – the leftover dyed fabric is cut, detailed and sewn with just as much love (if not more) as our other stuff. And what better way to collaborate with women at NGO Insha crafts center at Nizzamudin Delhi for this project, where some empowered women got together to bind and hand sew our notebooks togethor.

And while all our collections are crafted in natural fabrics, we’ve been taking baby steps to make the switch to environmentally-responsible packaging and give aways. Our minimal waste note book has parched paper made in basil seed paper that allows one to grow their own basil at home patio rather than buying palstic charged basil at super markets. Use it as a book mark or share it with another green friend.